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  1. Support Tickets: Offering a robust support system, ensuring seamless communication and quick resolution of queries.
  2. Admin Mass Mailer: Enables the admin to send mass emails to users effortlessly, enhancing communication efficiency.
  3. Auto Email for Upgraded Members: Upgraded members can set automated emails, ensuring daily outreach without manual intervention.
  4. Downline Programs: Members can add their favorite affiliate websites, which are then displayed to their downline members, amplifying their marketing reach.
  5. Affiliate Messaging System: Facilitates direct communication between upline and downline members, fostering a strong affiliate network.
  6. ChatGPT Email Generator: A revolutionary feature for upgraded members, allowing the use of ChatGPT to craft compelling marketing emails, with admin oversight for quality control.
  7. Activity Contests: Admins can set contests to reward members for their engagement in reading emails, boosting participation and activity.
  8. Referral Contests: Encourages members to refer others with enticing rewards, expanding the user base.
  9. Sales Contests: Motivates members to drive affiliate sales, offering rewards for achieving sales milestones.
  10. Text and Banner Ads: Provides a platform for members to showcase their text and banner ads, enhancing visibility.
  11. Banner Publisher System: Members can display banners on their websites, earning credits which can be utilized for their own advertising campaigns.
  12. Multiple Payment Methods: Offers versatility with payment options like Stripe, PayPal, Binance, Coinbase Commerce, and Mollie.
  13. Random Rewards: Admins can set email reading targets with random rewards for members who meet these limits, including ad credits or monetary incentives.
  14. Login Spotlight Ads: A unique feature where members are greeted with spotlight ads every time they log in, ensuring high visibility and engagement.
  15. Referral Tools: Equip your members with an arsenal of promotional tools including banners, splash pages, and pre-defined emails, empowering them to effectively promote their referral links.
  16. Special Offer Pages: Admins can craft captivating special offer pages, similar to splash pages, to promote the site, driving engagement and conversions.
  17. Admin Ads: This feature allows admins to display their own ads on the website, providing additional avenues for promotion and communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own this script?

YES. You will be the owner of your site.

Do I keep 100% income?

YES. You as the sole owner will have all the profits from your script for yourself.

Can I resell the website?

YES. You as the owner will have the option to sell your site to another person, you will only have to communicate it to transfer your site to the new owner.

Do I get CPanel hosting access?

YES. You as the owner will have full access to your site.

Can I get a refund?

No. Site Demos and all info is provided to make an informed decision.

Do I own the domain?

YES. You will be the exclusive owner of your domain, you will be able to transfer it to your trusted domain site.